Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Trump Targets Philly Waterfront in new Condo Project

Donald Trump Planning a Waterfront Conndominium

The Daily Pennsylvanianreports that one of their more "infamous alums" - the Trumpster, is looking to transform the city waterfront. Others have suggested that this part of our city is vastly underdeveloped citing locales such as Baltimore and San Antonio that have done exemplary jobs at making their waterfronts destinations of their own.

No Bubble Bursting in Philly center city Condo Market

You won't get burned by Phlly's hot condo market, experts say

Real estate prices are definitely softening as inventory builds and buyer supply appears to have dwindled a bit, but at least some people feel that the center city condo market is still quite hot. See the following post concerning the new waterfront condo proposed by Donald Trump.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Home Buyer & Seller Survey 2006


As time has passed, more and more people are using the internet to start their initial search for real estate - usually in the preliminary stages - afterwards, they are more likely to contact a Realtor when ready to begin searching in earnest. This article from NAR (National Association of Realtors) outlines this process in 2005-06.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

FHA and VA Loans Back in Vogue in a Cooling Real Estate Market

FHA and VA Maximum Loan Limits Raised for 2006

FHA and VA maximum loan limits have been raised in the Philadelphia area. THe new loan limit is $270,500. Now that the market is "cooling", sellers are going to be more willing to accept FHA and VA deals, rather than insisting on only "conventional" financing (non-government). This is good news for home buyers!Credit requirements are generally more relaxed in these govermnment programs than in the conventional market since they are insured and guaranteed loans respectively backed by the federal government. In this way, they are actually more of a "sure thing" for home sellers than some conventional loans might be.

Suburban Sprawl

Suburban sprawl an irresistible force in U.S.

During my 22 years in real estate here, the entire corridor along routes 213 North (Bridgetown Pike), and route 532 (Buck Road), both in Northampton Township, Bucks County, has gradually been developed with new housing, but these roadways have not gotten any wider.

When considering a purchase in these areas, make sure to factor in driving time to and from work during busy rush hours. This will vary considerably from what you will encounter on a Sunday afternoon jaunt.

Getting Top Dollar - what's the secret?!

Guess what? - having all the upgrades in the world means diddly squat if you have a cluttered home. Buying a home is sort of like test-driving a new car. When a potential prospect walks through your property, if they are serious, they are mentally placing their own furniture and possessions into what might become their new property.

If your home is over-run with "stuff" they cannot do this! You also need to depersonalize by removing lots of family photos from the walls. A clean, spare spartan look always wins over the heavily decorated look and costs nothing!

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