Friday, March 30, 2007

Why Your Home Isn't the Investment You Think It Is -

Why Your Home Isn't the Investment You Think It Is -

Hi Marlene,

Here was an interesting article in the WSJ that frankly scared me a little. I suppose the message is that a home isn't really an investment in the sense of stocks/bonds/etc, but I was interested in your take on it as well.

Kenny (name changed)

A young client of mine who is actually the son of former clients (boy – I must really be old!) is buying his first home and forwarded an email to me and this article (link above) from the Wall Street Journal. It worried him. The article is by David Crook, Sunday editor of the WSJ. It appeared a couple of weeks ago. I am providing you with a link to the entire article which is quite lengthy and a bit tedious. I felt that Mr. Crook's piece had significant inaccuracies and used isolated incomplete examples and “fear tactics” in order to make a point and help the author sell his books. I wrote a response to my young client and forwarded same to the author. In coming days read my response, Mr. Crook’s response, and my client’s final response.
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Marlene the Real Estate Queen

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