Monday, December 25, 2006

Fox Chase Cancer Center

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As previously explained, residents of most communities seem overly fearful and resistant to anything being built nearby. Sometimes, of course, their reasoning is valid, which I will explore in future posts. Sometimes, in my opinion, it is not.

Case in point - Consider the recent situation (2005) in Northeast Phildelphia concerning Fox Chase Cancer Center. By any standards, this is a highly rated medical institution geared to fighting cancer at both the clinical and research levels. They have a world class reputation and employ many people in the Phildelphia area.

However, the center is just squeezed too tightly in their current facility and the board of directors has wanted to expand onto SOME of the parkland in the adjacent Burholme Park. This met with fierce opposition from the community. The way the facility explained it, most of the park is going to be salvaged and there are other nearby park areas for residents to use. The park never appeared to be overly utilized in the first place.

The boon to the local economy and to the neighorhood, city and region is almost inestimable, to say nothing of the valuable medical resource. It boggles my mind that anyone could have had such fierce resistance. Apparently, however, the measure is passed and the Fox Chase Cancer center will be permitted to go ahead with its plans. Jobs will be maintained and new positions added. This will allow continued growth in that neighborhood - continuing to draw high caliber professionals to our area. This is always GOOD for real estate!! Stay tuned!

Read more about it from the Center's Newsletter:

Here is a link to a blog from people in the region who opposed it:

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